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When MassageNow began as a startup, the name gave people the expectation that they can get in anytime. Let's just say. . . That is not what I was going for. I actually named the company after a book I read. As an added benefit, 'MassageNow,' is a call to action which certainly seemed to book more appointments.

A dear friend of mine recommended I read a book, "The Power of Now." I bought it and put it on my desk. It sat there for around 8 months. Then one cold winter day, I remember picking the book up and not being able to put it down. I kind of feel that I underwent an "inner transformation," as the book talks about. I became more positive and started working out everyday. I began to pray, meditate, and do yoga to quiet my thoughts. I also began a float practice and ended up buying a float tank for customers to use.

The business continued to grow rapidly and after 1-year, I ran out of space in an 1,800 square foot retail store front. Had I known how hard it was going to be, I never would have began on this journey. However, I am grateful I never knew how hard it was going to be, because otherwise I would not have made it here. And here is nice. I have approximately 3,000 sq. feet available for lease in the heart of the shopping district. MassageNow occupies a separate part of the building.

After relocating the first time, I quickly signed up around 250 people into a monthly massage plan that provided me with recurring revenues to be able to cover rent and payroll. Long story short: I hustled, massaged, and NEVER gave up. A little hard work definately paid off! We continuted to grow and hire and averaged around 600 appointments a month.

I never forgot all those that helped me along the way. I would not have made it here if it was not for my downtown Naperville network and my support system. I hope to pass it forward and return the favor to other small business owners.

I hope to meet you and discuss the needs of your salon suite or studio. Let's grow our businesses together! (David Heliotes, Founder of MassageNow).


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Centrally located on 59 & 34, next to Fox Valley Mall.